Simon Stainsby

Hello, my name is Simon and I am the new English speaker in the team at the Freie Kindergarten Schwabach. I am from England and for the last three years I have lived in Schwabach. I have been working with children of all ages, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds for the last 19 years. Since I have been living in Germany I have been working in Kinderkrippen as an Erzieher.

I have always enjoyed working with children and being an active part of their journey of self discovery, the world around them and the joy of learning. I look at my role the same way I look at a garden. I plant the seed, and then I have to care for it as it grows. Feeding them with knowledge and information, nurturing them with experiences and guidance, letting them grow into a well rounded and informed child with lots of fun and interesting experiences that they are learning from.