Hello, my name is Simon and I have been the English speaker in the team at the Freie Kindergarten Schwabach since 2017. I am from England and for the last seven years I have lived in Germany. I have been working in schools with children of all ages, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds for over 20 years. Since I have been living in Germany, I have been working in Kinderkrippen and Kindergarten as an Erzieher.

In my role at the Kindergarten, I am responsible for the Schlaumeier group, sports and the wood work group, as well as running group time for all the child and many more. The Schlaumeier group is the last group in the kindergarten before the vorschule group. In my group the children I work together toward getting and being ready to join the vorschule group.

I have always enjoyed working with children and being an active part of their journey of self-discovery, the world around them and the joy of learning. I look at my role the same way I look at a garden. I plant the seed, and then I have to care for it as it grows. Feeding them with knowledge and information, nurturing them with experiences and guidance, letting them grow into a well-rounded and informed child with lots of fun and interesting experiences that they are learning from.